1.    Isikan Identitas Anda kedalam lembar jawaban yang telah tersedia
2.    Periksa dan bacalah soal – soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya
3.    Selesaikan soal jawaban sesuai dengan perintah dan gunakanlah bollpoint
4.    Dahulukan jawab soal – soal yang dianggap  mudah
5.    Laporkan kepada Pengawas apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap
6.    Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas bila diperlukan
7.    Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas
Choose the correct answer a,b,c d or e  !


  1. When she arrives  at  school 6.45 am, Atty greets her teacher by saying ….
    Good morning    d.    Hello
    b.    Good night         e.    Good bye
    c.    Good afternoon
  2. Marry : How are John and Harry?

Jeny                                : They … .Thank you
a.    Is fine                      d.    Are fine
b.    Not well                  e.    Will fine
c.    See you

  1. The shoes are fairly new.   … are in good condition.
    They                        d.    Theirs
    b.    Their                       e.    It
    c.    Them


  1. Both of my brother and I refused to sign the petition, nobody could  force ….
    Him                          d.    Us
    b.    Them                       e.    You
    c.    Me


  1. Ridwan    : I really … for disturbing you.
    Mrs Rika        : It’s Ok
    a.    Sorry
    b.    Fine
    c.    apologized
    d.    That’s nice
    e.    Kind of you


  1. Jaka           : I’d like some chocolate ice cream , please?
    Waitress    : …., we haven’t  got any chocolate left.
    I already order Mr.               d.    I’ve served
    b.    Please go ahead                    e.    I have chocolate
    c.    I’m sorry Mr.


  1. Rika    : Let me introduce  my self. I am Rika, I am….
    George           : How do you Rika?
    Thank you               d.    Hello
    b.    Oh, OK                    e.    Hi
    c.    Sixteen years old


  1. Yuni served delicious dinner to her guest, Anita.
    Anita    : Thank you for the delicious dinner, Yuni.
    Yuni    : ….
    I’m  very hungry  too      d.    When will you invite me
    b.    Don’t  eat  too  much   e.    You are welcome
    c.    That’s very bad
  2. They always … late in the morning. His mother is always angry with him.
    Waken up               d.    Wake up
    b.    Worked out           e.    Wakes up
    c.    Woke up
  3. Riri    : Raka, Diana… not here at the moment.

Raka    : I see.
a.    Is              c.    Am                   e.    Be
b.    Do            d.    Does


  1. A    : Where is your class room located?
    B    : It’s at the …. Of our school building.
    b.    First floor
    c.    Second
    d.    Inside
    e.    Outside


  1. A    : What is the second day of Sunday?
    B    : It is ….
    Sunday                    c.    Tuesday         e.    Saturday
    b.    Monday                  d.    Friday


  1. Suryana is from Bogor. His country is …. And his language in  Indonesian.
    a.    China
    b.    Japan
    c.    Singapore
    d.    Indonesia
    e.    London


  1. Ali   : Hi, Rika where do you work?

Rika  : I work in the hospital, I always  examine the patients.

Ali    : So, you are … aren’t  you?

  1. Nurse c.    Driver              e.    Doctor
  2. Baby sister d.    Mechanic


  1. Rima    : Rob, how does Andy’s painting look like?
    Roby    : wow ….
    It’s given to my  mother       d.    It is inside the room
    b.    I will sell it next week           e.    The painting is bad
    c.    It’s beautiful and expensive


  1. Manager    : Riska, what is your new secretary look like?
    Riska        : ….
    I put it on the table               d.    She is typing letter
    b.    They can’t keep  a secret    e.    She is busy to meet
    c.    She’s very efficient


  1. The shape of a coin is …..
    Triangle                   c.    Rectangle       e.    Crescent
    b.    Round                     d.    Circle


  1. The size of elephant is ….
    Long                        c.    Thin                                 e.    Light
    b.    Small                       d.    Big
  2. The shape of … is cylinder.
    Ball                           c.    Book                e.    Coin
    b.    Table                       d.    Pipe


  1. The antonym of these words;  beautiful, tall,  and slim are…
    Handsome, tall, slim              d.    Fat, tall, short
    b.    Slim, ugly, good                     e.    Ugly,  short, fat
    c.    Bad, beautiful, fat


  1. Andi is a good person, he always kind to everybody.  The synonym of  “good” is ….
    Nice                         c.    Bad                 e.    spoil
    b.    Fine                         d.    Naughty


  1. Teacher : Siska, do you know the celebration of independence day?

Siska       : I know, it is on ….
a.    August 17th             d.    December 22nd
b.    In August                e.    November 10th
c.    October 17th


  1. How do you say in English 2015?
  2. Two thousand and fifteen
  3. Two thousand fifteen
  4. Two thousand and one five.
  5. Two thousand one five
  6. Two hundred


  1. X    : ….
    Y    : No, she is short, she is only 140 centimeter high.
    Is she your sister?
    b.    Is your sister tall?
    c.    Where is your sister?
    d.    How is your sister
    e.    May I know your sister?
  2. X    : …. Do you wear in shoes?

Y: It’s 40

a.    What shape
b.    What size
c.    What material
d.    What color
e.    What is made of





























  1. Translate these sentences into simple present tense (positive, negative and interogatif?
  2. Dia (Pr) pergi ke sekolah setiap hari pada jam 6.30 am.
  3. Mobil itu berwarna Putih


  1. Arangge these words bellow to be best sentence.
  2. Is – a –fisherman – Mr – Imam – Not
  3. Shoes – The – Of – Made – Japan


  1. Write the word into English
  2. 250
  3. 17 Agustus 2015


  1. Fill in the blank (4 to 5)
Singular Plural














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